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Graduate Diploma in GIS by coursework

Interested in:

  • Understanding spatial relationships?
  • Skills using data sets, images and maps?
  • The application of Information Technology?
  • And you have a degree?
The Graduate Diploma in Geographic Information Science is a part-time program aimed at local students who have a degree and wish to undertake a formal program of study in Geographic Information Science (GIS). The program is designed for the following groups of graduates:
  • Graduates in employment who wish to undertake the undergraduate units in GIS and related fields and do not wish to undertake a First undergraduate degree;
  • Graduates undertaking a qualifying program for postgraduate research in GIS.
Who is eligible to undertake the Graduate Diploma in Geographic Information Science?
Graduates from any discipline without a major in GIS. What if I want to proceed to postgraduate study in GIS?
Having completed the Graduate Diploma in GIS you will be eligible to apply to undertake either:

  1. Master of Science (Research)
  2. Master of Arts (Research)
  3. PhD.
Please see the University handbook at for details Intakes into the program occur twice a year.
Applications for Semester 1 close at the beginning of September prior to the year of study and for Semester 2 at the beginning of June in the year of study. Late fees apply to late applications.
An individual's program of study must be approved by the Director of the GIS program, Dr M. Poulsen.

Application forms are available from:
Undergraduate Studies Section,
Lincoln Building
Macquarie University NSW 2109.

Associate Professor Mike Poulsen
Phone (02) 9850 8407
Fax: (02) 9850 6052

The Executive Officer (Human Geography)
Phone: (02) 9850 8382
Fax: (02) 9850 6052

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