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List of GIS software

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This is a list of notable GIS software applications.

Open source software

Most widely used open source applications:

Other open source GIS applications:

A) Desktop GIS

The following open source desktop GIS projects are introduced in Steiniger and Bocher (2008/9)[1]:

  • SAGA GIS – System for Automated Geoscientific Analyses- a hybrid GIS software. SAGA has a unique Application Programming Interface (API) and a fast growing set of geoscientifc methods, bundled in exchangeable Module Libraries.
  • Quantum GIS – QGIS is a user friendly Open Source GIS that runs on Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, and Windows.
  • MapWindow GIS – Free, open source GIS desktop application and programming component.
  • ILWIS – ILWIS (Integrated Land and Water Information System) integrates image, vector and thematic data.
  • uDig
  • Kalypso (software) – Kalypso is an Open Source GIS (Java, GML3) and focuses mainly on numerical simulations in water management.
  • gvSIG – Open source GIS written in Java.
  • JUMP GIS / OpenJUMP – (Open) Java Unified Mapping Platform (the desktop GIS OpenJUMP, SkyJUMP, deeJUMP and Kosmo emerged from JUMP; see [1])
  • GRASS – Originally developed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, open source: a complete GIS

B) Other GIS tools:

  • FIST – FIST (Flexible Internet Spatial Template)is a MapServer/PHP framework with several advanced functions, optionally use PostGIS in the backend so your users can edit and save shapes and attributes.
  • Chameleon – Environments for building applications with MapServer.
  • GeoNetwork opensource – A catalog application to manage spatially referenced resources
  • Geomajas – Open source web toolkit with full vectorial and attribute editing capabilities and support for complex relation models (1 to n, n to 1, inheritance, ...). Built on top of the Dojo AJAX framework.
  • GeoTools – Open source GIS toolkit written in Java, using Open Geospatial Consortium specifications.
  • OpenMap
  • MapGuide Open Source – Web-based mapping server.
  • OpenLayers – open source AJAX library for accessing geographic data layers of all kinds, originally developed and sponsored by MetaCarta
  • PostGIS – Spatial extensions for the open source PostgreSQL database, allowing geospatial queries.
  • TerraView – GIS desktop that handles vector and raster data stored in a relational or geo-relational database.
  • Xastir A special purpose Open Source GIS application used as an APRS client by Amateur radio operators, written in C for X Window environments.
  • MapFish A web 2.0 mapping development framework.

Notable commercial or proprietary GIS software

  • IDRISI – Proprietary GIS product developed by Clark Labs.
  • MapInfo – Products include MapInfo Professional and MapXtreme. integrates GIS software, data and services.
  • MapPoint – Proprietary GIS product developed by Microsoft.
  • GISNet— A web-based GIS system developed by MRF Geosystems Corporation.
  • Caliper – Products include Maptitude, TransCAD and TransModeler. Develops GIS and the only GIS for transportation.
  • Pictometry – Proprietary software which allows oblique images to be draped with shapefiles. Many gov't applications (fire, 911, police, assessor) as well as commercial.
  • Black Coral Inc — a leading edge product company developing geospatial collaboration capabilities that enable better outcomes for personnel and tactical teams operating in emergency response and military environments.
  • GGP Systems – GIS software for UK-based industry.
  • CARIS (Computer Aided Resource Information System) – GIS systems for hydrography and cadastral systems.
  • DeLorme – Producer XMap and other GIS tools, data, and GPS hardware.
  • GMS – Three-dimensional environment for building geologic and groundwater models
  • Manifold System – GIS software package.
  • Oracle Spatial – Product allows users to perform basic geographic operations and store common spatial data types in a native Oracle environment.
  • Orbit GIS Generic and multi-purpose GIS toolkit, written using 100% Java.
  • Safe Software – Spatial ETL products including FME, SpatialDirect and the ArcGIS Data Interoperability Extension.
  • Smallworld – developed in Cambridge, England (Smallworld, Inc.) and purchased by General Electric and used primarily by public utilities.
  • AvisMap @ – Products include AvisMap GIS Engine, AivsMap Desktop, AvisMap Free Viewer, and SDM(Spatial Database Management).
  • TatukGIS – Producer of the TatukGIS Developer Kernel (SDK), GIS Internet Server, GIS Editor, and free GIS Viewer software products.
  • Aligned AssetsGazetteer specialists working in the field of Local Government and the emergency services.
  • axpand by Axes Systems - products include ng (new generation) automated generalization, axpand web services platform and axpand cartography production software.
  • SavGIS : a free and powerful Desktop GIS available in 3 languages (English, French, Spanish) for Windows (XP, Vista), developped since 1984 by the Institut de Recherche pour le Développement, a French public research institute ;
  • VISION MapMaker— A full-fledged Geographic Information System (GIS) product, indigenously developed by VISIONLABS,used to perform various GIS operations like creating spatial and attribute data, linking and querying the data, and performing analyses on the maps and the corresponding attribute data. Its widely used by State and National governments in India.


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