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Geographic Information Systems and Science

Geographic Information Systems and ScienceGeographic Information Systems and Science has become the pre-eminent textbook in its field, for students and practitioners alike. Its unique approach communicates the richness and diversity of GIS in a lucid and accessible format.

This fully revised and updated second edition reinforces the view of GIS as a gateway to science and problem solving, sets out the scientific principles that govern its use, and describes the impact of people on its development, design, and success. The second edition of Geographic Information Systems and Science includes:

  • A new five-part structure: Foundations; Principles; Techniques; Analysis; and Management and Policy
  • New chapters on Distributed GIS, Map Production, Geovisualization, Modeling, and Managing GIS
  • All-new personality boxes of current GIS practitioners
  • New real-world applications of GIS
  • New or expanded coverage of important current topics:
    • Location-based services
    • Distributed computing
    • Virtual and augmented realities
    • Homeland security
    • Business GIS and geodemographics
    • The emergence of geoportals
    • Grand challenges of GIScience
  • A new suite of instructor and student resources hosted on the companion Website, including on-line GIS lab exercises and an instructor manual.
  • Links to further reading in the abridged edition of Geographical Information Systems: Principles, Techniques, Management and Applications, edited by Longley, Goodchild, Maguire, and Rhind.
The second edition of Geographic Information Systems and Science is essential reading for undergraduates taking courses in GIS within departments of Geography, Environmental Science, Business (and Public) Administration, Computer Science, Urban Studies, Planning, Information Science, Civil Engineering, and Archaeology. It is also provides a key resource for foundation GIS courses on taught MSc and other higher-degree programs.

Where courses are highly modular, this book will support not only the technology and environmental elements but will give a business, managerial and societal context – and show how these tie together, no one element being of value if seen as ‘an island’. Professional users of GIS from governmental organizations and industries across the private sector will find this book an invaluable resource with a wealth of relevant applications.

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